Ep. 2 – Women and their Wiles

Welcome back to our discussion of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937). This time we're talking about making pies, rotoscoping, and just how much the Evil Queen enjoys being a crone. Next up: Pinnochio (1940) in two weeks.

Correction: During the episode, Mary misstated the name of the animator who invented rotoscoping. His name was Max Fleischer. Fleischer was the creator of Betty Boop, and contributed an enormous amount to the art of animation. You should learn more about him when you get a chance. We're sorry for the error.


Note: One of our main sources for this episode is the Behind the Scenes featurette that can be found on Disney+. We highly recommend checking that out if you want to know more about how this film was made. Other sources you might find useful:

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